Sydney Hire Car Service



Preparing and loading containers ready for export is another one of our core strengths. We can work to your desired specifications and interlocked configurations or alternatively, our teams are trained to determine the best configuration and row heights so your products arrive safe.

When dealing with fragile or bagged products, we can line the container floor and walls, as well as install moisture absorbent packs or anything else you might need.

Operationally, loading containers is similar to unloading. We can suppply a two man crew plus fork driver or you can supply your own driver, whatever suits your business needs.



Our unload crews consist of two men per team, and will arrive on site, fully briefed and ready to go. The container contents are placed on to pallets to your desired configuration and height.

Once the pallet is completed, your forklift driver can move the pallet into storage, and we'll repeat the process.

We can handle a range of different containers and scenarios. Whether the containers are dropped on the floor or on a trailer or loading dock, from 20ft to 40Ft High Cube, to Cold storage reefers with mixed contents or fragile goods , it's no problem. We can work off manifests or label pallets according to an expiry date or reciept date, we've done it before and we can do it for you.


Slip Sheeting

Our crews can transfer products directly from unusable pallets, or 'skids' to Australian standardised pallets, ready for receiving.

We offer a flexible pricing structure for this service as well, and can be charged in approximate 20Ft & 40Ft denominations, or even a 'per pallet' rate.

Another key service offered by MCS is product reworks. We've encountered many and varied rework projects including relabelling products, replacing user manuals and inserting spare parts.

We have the ability to rework products within our own facilities, or we can send our labour crews on site to your location. In either case, we can offer the same great, cost effective service.